VRC will be promoted by Social Media Influencers who generate millions of views by followers and subscribers. Once the Viewer arrives by the referral Link to the VRC website, the Viewer decides if he likes our Sponsor's promotional offer. Is it a good deal? Is it worth the $20 sign up fee to join VRC? Is it something that the Viewer would recommend to friends, family, and like-minded contacts in social media? Since VRC's mission is to represent a wide variety of Brands not all promotions will attract all Viewers. VRC understands this and will always bear in mind the demographics of each campaign and recruit Influencers to appropriate Sponsors.  

Once the Viewer takes advantage of the promotional offer and joins VRC he automatically becomes a Licensee with a personal Link to VRC. He can immediately begin referral marketing and earning commissions . We provide a very generous commission structure that we believe will change the very nature of advertising on the Internet. See our video and The Power of 7.

Our vision is to launch campaigns for as many Brands and Sponsors that meet our standards and those of Influencers around the world. Social organizations and Charities have shown interest in how our platform can be used to raise awareness and promote their cause. We can provide them with a Link to a Sponsor of their choosing. We're serious about making a difference and the success of everyone who participates.