VRC is an online, social media advertising company. We operate strictly through Internet social media sites to recruit viewers to our website to take advantage of our campaign Sponsor's promotions. Because of the phenomena and growing appeal of social media influencers, who have literally millions of viewers of every demographic, we've built a platform for referral marketing that can bring Name brands together with Viewers motivated to spread the word.

Advertising Companies spend billions of dollars to make ads and obtain "Views". Why not enlist the Viewer himself to spread the word? The Viewer doesn't have to be passive anymore, as a Licensee you can participate and make money by simply referring our Sponsors campaign promotion to your social media contacts. In turn, you are offering them the opportunity to become a Licensee and earn income on all of their referrals too. The power of Social Media has changed everything and if you're one of thousands of Influencers in Social Media, then take a look at VRC and “the Power of 7”.